Stair Indoor & Outdoor Professional Interactive LED Display Screen

The LED stair screen is a kind of LED floor screen, which is mainly used in public places such as stages, bars, and shopping malls. Born out of the floor screen, it inherits the characteristics of the floor screen and has the incomparable advantages of ordinary stairs. You can clearly watch various video images, making the seemingly ordinary stairs unpredictable. The LED stair screen has a 120-degree viewing angle, which can clearly watch sparkling, flowers, fish playing in the water, homemade advertising videos, and other pictures, making ordinary stairs unpredictable.

Products Details

Protection level: Indoor IP54 & Outdoor IP68.

Private model customized modules and cabinets.

PC mask, anti-slip, anti-glare, wear-resistant, UV resistance. The mask is made of imported high polymer PC material, with a low moisture absorption coefficient, and an anti-skid and anti-glare design. The water guide groove design avoids water accumulation on the surface of the screen.

Multi-equipment linkage,  better audiovisual effect. LED floor screens, LED wall screens or LED sky screens, and other multi-screens play the same elements of the material. Through the control of the central control linkage software, multiple devices are linked and interacted to make the virtual scene more accurate and the interaction more interesting. Various auxiliary equipment is controlled and dispatched by the central control software to start working in accordance with the needs of each scene. Cooperating with the scene actions displayed on the LED interactive floor screen, LED wall screen, or LED sky screen, the displayed virtual location adds natural scene elements.

Perfect module size, XYGLED stair display screen 300*150mm module size design, step height 150mm, foot surface width 300mm, in line with ergonomic design.

Various installation methods, the step surface, and the facade are integrated into a panel to achieve immersive interaction. Support independent installation of the facade and step surface.

Perfect cabinet design, 1200*(300+150)mm, 900*(300+150)mm, 600*(300+150)mm. Three sizes of cabinets can be spliced arbitrarily to meet the needs of different scenarios.

The interactive response speed is fast, with a response time of 20 microseconds.

Point-to-point, multi-point interaction, not limited by the number of interactive points. The built-in optical sensor chip does not require an external interactive sensor device and is not interfered with by external light or electric waves. Compared with external interactive devices, it is more accurate, unobstructed, and responds faster. 

1)Exhibition: Museum, municipal planning hall, science and Technology Museum, exhibition hall, exhibition, etc. 2)Catering industry: hotel ballroom or passageway and lobby, restaurant's ordering area or important passageway, etc. 3)Entertainment industry: basketball court, stadiums, bar counter, main channel, private room floor, etc. 4)Leasing industry: main stage of large-scale commercial performance, major events, wedding and birthday celebration, media, etc. 5)Education industry: school laboratory, pre job training, kindergarten, preschool training, special education, etc. 6)Scenic spots: Glass skywalk, reception center, recreation center, viewing platform, etc. 7)Municipal projects: Garden Road, square, etc. Monitoring center: command room, control room, etc. 8)Real estate center: Sales Center, prototype room, etc. 9)Financial center: Stock Exchange Center, headquarters of bank, etc. 10)Commercial complex: Main passageway of shopping mall, central square, courtyard, cross street bridge, children's playground, etc.

The software supports the production and playback of multiple interactive materials in UDP point-to-point formats. The software supports the function of sensing objects with intelligent shielding.

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